Notes can be attached to athlete and staff profiles. Notes and documents can be added, modified and deleted at anytime. Only system administrators can attach files and documents to staff profiles.

Notes can automatically be locked locked for edition and deletion after they have been added. This security feature is available to account owner only. Click here to learn more.

Managing notes from the Team Dashboard

You can access all notes recorded by staff - except medical notes that can be viewed by selecting the Health menu- by opening the Notes tab of the Team Dashboard. From this section, you can add new notes, edit the displayed ones and mark notes as read.

To mark a note as Read and remove it from the list (it will not be deleted from the database and still be accessible from the athlete's note section), press X.

Adding notes from the Team Dashboard

To add a new note from the Team dashboard, press the + icon at the bottom of the list.

Managing note sharing permissions - Who can see notes

By default, only you can see the note you are recording. To allow more staff users to view the note, click the 'Who can see note' button/link, click on the name of each person you want to share the note with, and save.

If the note is a private one, only 'Me' is selected and 'Who can see note (1)' visible, it'll be visible to you only

If you select the 'Athlete' button (deselected by default) athlete will be able to see the note.

If you select more staff users, the system will remember your choice so you don't have to select the same names over and over again.

If you are adding a clinical/medical note, only the list of persons with medical access will be displayed in the list.

Saving notes

To save a note but allow it to be modified later, click Save. To save the note and immediately lock it for further edition click Save and lock.

Attaching notes to athletes profiles

Attaching notes to staff profiles

Saving notes

To save a note but allow it to be modified later, click Save. To save the note and lock it for further edition click Save and lock.

If note locking is deactivated by the account owner, the Save and lock button will not be visible.

Customizing the list of available note types

To add a new type of note or deactivate a default one, open an athlete's note section and press the Settings icon. To add a new note, press the + icon located at the bottom of the list. To deactivate an existing type of note, press the name of the note (button will turn white) and save.

Rating notes

It is also possible to define and attach custom ratings to notes and easily identify them with colors in the list. Learn more here.

Exporting notes

To export all notes recorded for a specific athletes, click the Export icon.