You can  easily record your well-being, training or injury data, using a web browser (need an Internet connection) installed on any PC, Mac or mobile device, or via the free iOS or Android mobile app that you can download and install on your  device. 

Completing the Daily Questionnaire

When you connect, and haven't filled out the questionnaire for the day, the questionnaire is automatically displayed. Questions and measurements available in the questionnaire have been defined by your coach.

If your coach has configured additional daily measurements, they will be visible at the end of the questionnaire.

Recording Planned Sessions

Step 1 - open your program

Sessions with a greenbutton are sessions that have already been recorded but can still be modified. Sessions with a greybutton are archived sessions. They cannot be edited anymore.

Step 2 - Press the yellow button and enter your feedback

Recording Unplanned Sessions

Recording Health Problems, Illnesses and Injuries

To report an health problem, select the appropriate icon, the type of health problem (injury or illness), tap on the body map to select the affected body region, select the level of pain, select the other options available and tap Submit.