This feature allows you to record menstrual symptoms (flow and pain) when completing your daily wellness questionnaire. By default, this feature is enabled/disabled by your coach. It is only visible to female athletes.

Configuring the menstrual cycle tracker

To configure the menstrual cycle tracker, open your profile. If you are taking hormonal contraception, or have a menstrual cycle different than 28 days, change the default values on the Menstrual Cycle Tracker option.

Note: after 3 months of data recording, the length of your menstrual cycle will automatically be adjusted to better reflect your recorded information. 

Recording menstrual cycle symptoms

Once the menstrual cycle tracker is enabled, the questions below will be automatically displayed at the bottom of your wellness questionnaire. You can rate your bleeding and pain levels by pressing the options that are the most closely matching your current symptoms.

Disabling the menstrual cycle tracker

If you do not want/need to answer menstrual cycle questions, you can disable this feature by opening your profile, and deselecting the Activate button next to the Menstrual Cycle Tracker option.