Step 1 - Link you Garmin Connect account to AthleteMonitoring

  • Login on your AthleteMonitoring account with your preferred device
  • Go to your AthleteMonitoring settings/profile
  • Click the "Link Garmin Data"
  • Log into your Garmin Connact account if prompted to
  • Agree to the "Terms and Conditions"
  • Click "Accept"

Step 2- Transferring Garmin data onto AthleteMonitoring

Automatically Syncing with Garmin Connect 

Once you have registered a session on your Garmin device, and the device is linked to your Garmin Connect account, the data is automatically sent to AthleteMonitoring. A session is immediately added to your calendar with the corresponding data.

Once the session is recorded on your Garmin device, open your AthleteMonitoring calendar, click on the newly recorded session containing Garmin data, select the RPE value and save.

Manually importing Garmin data

  • After you've finished your session, upload your exercise data on your Garmin Connect account.
  • Then, open AthleteMonitoring to record your session.
  • When AthleteMonitoring finds Garmin data for the selected day, sessions with Garmin data will be represented by a button
  • Press the button matching the exercise session you wish to import, enter the other information as normal (RPE, additional training variables, etc) and save the session.
  • If you have uploaded your session data on Garmin Connect and can't find the Garmin button on AthleteMonitoring, contact your coach.

Step 3 - Viewing Garmin data

Once the session is saved, open your program/calendar, and click/press the Garmin logo to display your session details.

To zoom in and view details, click on the graph and select a period. To export session data, click Export.