Step 1 - Link you Garmin Connect account to AthleteMonitoring

  • Login on your AthleteMonitoring account with your preferred device
  • Go to your AthleteMonitoring settings/profile
  • Click the "Link Garmin Data"
  • Log into your Garmin Connact account if prompted to
  • Agree to the "Terms and Conditions"
  • Click "Accept"

Step 2- Transfer Garmin data onto AthleteMonitoring

  • After you've finished your session, upload your exercise data on your Garmin Connect account.
  • Then, open AthleteMonitoring to record your session.
  • When AthleteMonitoring finds Garmin data for the selected day, sessions with Garmin data will be represented by a button
  • Press the button matching the exercise session you wish to import, enter the other information as normal (RPE, additional training variables, etc) and save the session.
  • If you have uploaded your session data on Garmin Connect and can't find the Garmin button on AthleteMonitoring, contact your coach.

Step 3 - View session data

Once the session is saved, open your program/calendar, and click/press the Garmin logo to display your session details.

To zoom in and view details, click on the graph and select a period. To export session data, click Export.