If this option has been activated by your coach, the Workout section will allow you to record the weight/time/load used for each exercise, set and repetition, along with your other training information. 

Recording your workout data

  • To view the exercise details, tap on the exercise name
  • To move between sets, the Set 1, Set 2, etc. tabs
  • The weight prescribed by your coach (in lb or kg ) is indicated in the % 1RM box
  • The weight that you've actually used must be recorded in the lb or kg box (enter a number only)

Accessing Exercise Information

To access the exercise information, including video added by your coach, press the right ? tab located under the exercise name 

Tracking your progress

Once the workout is recorded, you can easily view the workout summary by pressing the name of the session.

To track your progress, press the line graph icon. A line graph displaying the volume, and  average intensity used for the exercise over multiple sessions is automatically displayed.

Black dots represent your maximum strength (1RM), calculated from your training data.