To complete the Health Survey, press the Health Monitoring button and answer all the questions as honestly as possible. The name of the option may change, based on your Team's preferences. Alternatively, you can watch the video tutorial.

Step 1 - Open the survey

Step 2 - Answer the questions

Answer the 4 questions as honestly as possible.

Step 3 - Report health problem

If you did select Full participation without a health problem (1st answer to the participation question), the section below will not be displayed. Press the ? icon to learn more about the type of health problems.

If this feature is enabled on your account, an additional 'Mental health problem' option will be displayed.

Fill out the rest of the form and press Continue

Options will slightly differ if you select acute injury, overuse injury or illness. Make sure to complete all the requested fields.

Step 4 - Report time loss and enter a short comment about the health problem

This will help the medical team to better identify your illness/injury and may lead to faster follow-up.

Step 5 - That's it!

You may also see a question about medications, report to the medical team or additional questions at the end of the questionnaire. If that's the case, enter/select the requested information and tap Continue.