Once you have created custom questions to the OSTRC Questionnaire, it is possible to create customized alerts and display them on the team dashboard.

Here is how to do it.

Step 1- Define the alerts

Open Team Settings-Alerts-Injury Surveillance and click the gear icon

Step 2- Add alerts to the team dashboard

Open Team settings-Readiness dashboard-Injury Surveillance (OSTRC) and set the questions  you'd like to see to Show.

Alerts are automatically displayed on the team dashboard. To view results and recommendations, click the displayed alert.

Step 3- Analysing alert history

To view alert history click on the alert displayed on the dashboard. If the alert is based on numerical data (example below), a graph is displayed. If the alert is based on text, the popup will display the matching alerts in text format.

To export answers to the OSTRC questionnaire custom questions, open the Logs & Stats menu, select Injury surveillance (OSTRC), click export and open the Log tab of the exported file.