Creating periodized plans and creating period-specific schedules and statistics is easy. It can be done in 3 steps.

Step 1 - Creating annual periods 

Open Settings-Periodization (you'll need an admin account) and click Add New. Then select a sport (or All sports if you work with only one sport), a team (or all teams) and an athlete (or all athletes), enter the name of the period, the start and end dates, select a color (you can also paste a color code) and save. Repeat the operation for all periods you wish to use.

Note: click the colored square to pick a color or paste a color code.

Step 2 - Visualizing periods on the calendar 

Once periods have been created, open the team calendar and select your team and athletes. If periods are defined, a band of the selected color will be automatically displayed below the dates. When periods are overlapping, each one will be represented by a band of its specific color.

Step 3 - Exporting period-specific statistics

To export period-specific training statistics, select Log & Stats - Periodization, select a team, athlete(s) and date range and click Export. The resulting document will displayed athlete and team data (in bold) grouped by period.

Note: Annual plan view is under development and will be available shortly.