Recording time-based training or performance data is very easy. In the simple example below, shows you how to create 3 distances distances (500m, 2000m, 3000m), to configure them as time-based data fields, how record time spent to cover each distance data and generate graphs and data tables. This approach can also be used to monitor time spent in training zones (simply create a time data field for each zone you wish to monitor).

Step 1 - Create time-based data fields

Open Team settings-Training Forms-Custom fields, and  create one custom fields for each distance you'd like to track (if you want to record time for 6 different distances, create 6 custom fields). Select the min:sec format and unit and save.

Step 2- Collect data

Athletes can use their app to record time for each distances.

Coaches can record time data using the simplified monitoring tool or to import data via an AthleteMonitoring-generated spreadsheet.

Step 3- Analyze data

You can then display and report time-based training data as you will do with any other custom field. You can add the fields to the team dashboard (Team settings- readiness dashboard), visualize data on individual and team charts, and export data in Log & Starts - Training log and Training Stats reports.

Team Charts

Team Dashboard

Access raw data with Training Logs & Stats Reports