Recording time-based training data is very easy. In the simple example below, shows you how to create 3 racing distances (500m, 2000m, 3000m), to configure them as time-based data fields, how record data and generate graphs and data tables. 

Step 1 - Create the racing distances zones

Open Team settings-Training Forms-Custom fields, and  create one custom fields for each racing distance you'd like to collect (if you want to record time for 6 different distances, create 6 custom fields). Select the min:sec format and unit and then save.

Step 2- Collect data

Athletes can use their app to record  time in zone.

Coaches can record time in zone or import data via an AthleteMonitoring-generated spreadsheet.

Step 3- Analyze data

You can display and report each zone as you will do with any other custom field. You can add the zones to the team dashboard (Team settings- readiness dashboard), visualize data on individual and team charts, and export data in Log & Starts - Training log and Training Stats reports.