Step 1. Add the assessment category

Open settings – Assessment settings – Components and add a ‘Biological maturation’ entry.

Step 2. Add the tests

Open settings – Assessment settings – Test Library and add the 4 tests below:

  • Sitting height: unit=cm; Symbol= sitheig
  • Stature: unit=cm; Symbol= statur
  • Maturity offset : unit=numeral; Symbol= matoff; Formula= gender*(-8.128741+(0.0070346*age*sitheig))+(1-gender)*(-7.709133+(0.0042232*age*statur))
  • Age at Peak Height Velocity (APHV): unit=Years; Formula: age-matoff
  • Chronological age: unit=Years; Formula: age*1

Step 3. Add the test battery

Open settings – Assessment settings – Test batteries, name it ‘Biological maturation ’ select ‘Improvement rates’, select: Stature, Sitting Height, Maturity offset, Chronological age, Age at Peak Height Velocity (APHV) and Save.

Step 4. Record results & generate reports

Open the Team menu, select Assessments, select the Biological maturation battery, a date and the athletes. Then click Enter data.

  • Measure and record Stature (standing height) and Sitting height for each athlete and click Save to calculate the results.
  • Close the page and select the reporting icon to generate reports. 


Moore SA, McKay HA, Macdonald H, Nettlefold L, Baxter-Jones AD, Cameron N, Brasher PM. Enhancing a Somatic Maturity Prediction Model. Med Sci Sports Exerc.;47(8):1755-64, 2015.