AthleteMonitoring allow you to create additional fields in athlete profiles. Here is how to do it:

Step 1 - Creating the custom fields

Click the Users menu (top of the screen), select the Athletes tab and the settings icon. Then click the green cross, add the field name and select the options. Repeat the operation for all the fields you need to add.  Then click Save.

Step 2 - Recording data

Click on the MyTeams menu and select the Athletes option of the team menu.  Open the athlete profile, click on the Additional information button and enter the data. Then Save.

Importing data into custom fields

To import data into custom fields for existing athletes select the Export button, click Export, record the information on the exported spreadsheet and re-import the file.

Displaying profiles of multiple athletes

To display profile information for multiple athletes, select the athletes from the list (or click Select all to select all athletes), and click the View profiles button located below the list.

To export the table, click the Export button. To add/remove fields from the list, click the Settings button. To refresh the list, click the Refresh button.