If you conduct research, you can now enable a "Consent For Research" section for the athlete privacy policy. This will let you set a title and text for this additional section. Enabling this section will count as updating your privacy policy and require athletes to accept it again.

To activate this option, select Global Settings  - Privacy Statement, open the Athlete tab and scroll down to the Consent For Research section.

When this option is enabled, Athletes will be prompted to accept the privacy policy one it's updated. If the "Consent For Research" section is enabled, after clicking "I accept" they will be shown the "Consent For Research" section and prompted to select yes or no. The continue button is not shown until they select yes or now.

If the "Consent For Research" section is enabled there is a new "Consent For Research" on the log tab of the OSTRC injury surveillance export.

If the "Consent For Research" section is enabled and the athlete has not given consent for research then there is a message on their profile when viewed by a staff member. Next to this message is a button to ask them again. If this button is clicked the athlete is mark and asked the accept privacy policy again the next time they use the system. The athlete can still choose not to give consent to research again.