Workout templates are preset group of exercises and loading schemes that you can create to and import instantly when creating multi-week programs, or to allow athletes  self-select templates you have created for them.  

Creating a Workout Template

To add a workout template, click Settings-Exercises Settings and select the Add New link, or the green cross under the existing list.

Allowing all staff and athletes to use a sport-specific workout template

To allow all staff and all athletes to view and use a workout template linked to a specific sport, select the sport, Group Template, All Teams, All Athletes and All staff options.

Restricting a workout template to specific team(s), staff and athlete(s)

To restrict the template to a specific sport, team, staff user or athlete, select the appropriate options.

Individual Templates vs Group Templates

To allow athlete to self-select the workout on his app, select Individual Template. Only the selected athlete will be able to see this workout when recording sessions. Other athletes will not see the template, even if they are on the same team.

To allow athletes to view all workouts made available for his/her sport and team (not only individual templates designed for him/her only), select Group Template.

Restricting templates to specific staff

To only allow specific staff users to select workout particular templates when scheduling sessions, select one or more names in the Staff list. 

Adding exercises to the Workout Template

After you have selected an activity, a tentative time and RPE for the new template, you can add exercises by clicking on the exercise name from the Exercise finder. Once at least ONE exercise is added to the template, others can be added by simple drag and drop.

Once an exercise is added enter the loading parameters. To apply a preset loading scheme to a specific exercise, select the appropriate option in the Loading scheme list that matches the exercise. To add a new set, click the green cross.