Configuring the exercise library

The exercise library contains all the exercises you can use to create workouts.

Adding exercises to the library

You can add exercises at anytime and upload/link your own pictures to demonstrate proper exercise execution.

AthleteMonitoring allow you to track two type of exercises: 

  1. Strength :use this option to track sets, reps, rest, etc.
  2. Technical : use this option to track number of elements, difficulty, rating, etc.
  3. Circuit : use this option to track completion of circuit training
  4. Other : use this option for other type of sessions such as continuous endurance/cardio sessions, stretching, etc. 

Adding strength and conditioning exercises

Adding technical exercises

Configuring the workout library

To save you time when planning sessions for teams and individuals, the system allows you to create preset workouts. Exercises from the library are used to build workouts. Workouts are sport-specific and include preset RPE, duration, and exercise details.

Adding & editing preset workouts

You can edit every details of your workout templates. These will be the default parameters used when importing the preset workout in planned sessions.

Activating exercise tracking (Team settings)

This module can be turned on and off in team preferences General settings. Here is how to do it.

Using preset workout and exercises

Once exercises and preset workouts have been added, you can easily incorporate them when creating programs and planning sessions.

The Athletes' View

Strength and conditioning exercises

Technical exercises

Combination of various type of exercises