To ensure the best possible accuracy, the assessment system of AthleteMonitoring interprets changes in results using the smallest worthwhile change (SWC) method described by Martin Buchheit. This approach takes into account the mean, the standard-deviation and a fraction / multiple of this standard-deviation of the athlete's historical data.

Test-specific SWC values can be assigned to each tests in Test Settings (default is SDx0.3). When generating an individual progress graph or progress report, each test result is compared to the previous one, the system automatically calculates the mean, the standard deviation, and then add and subtract the SWC to the mean to get upper and lower thresholds, outside which changes are deemed meaningful.

On team progress reports meaningful changes are automatically represented by red or green cells, based on the type of test (Higher raw score = better result option in Test Settings). 

On the team dashboard and individual progress reports meaningful changes in performance are automatically represented by red or green cells. 

On individual progress graphs, the yellow zone represent the mean plus and minus the SWC. Results outside this zone are considered meaningful.