The pain and stiffness tracker allows athletes to self-report unusual pain or stiffness easily, when completing their wellness questionnaire. 

Enabling the pain and stiffness tracker

To enable the pain tracker, open Team settings-Wellness questionnaire-Pain monitoring, click the Activate button and save.

Customizing the question asked to athletes

To change the default question asked to athletes when reporting unusual pain and stiffness, enter your preferred text under the 'Activate' button.

Adding the Pain & Stiffness to the Team Dashboard

To add pain/stiffness on the team dashboard, open the Team Settings-Readiness Dashboard-Wellness and set the Pain / Stiffness to Show. The information will automatically be displayed (painful area and level of pain, on a scale of 10). Click on the alert to display a body map locating the painful areas.

Exporting pain /stiffness information

To export the information, select the Log and Stats menu option, select the Wellness Logs option and click Export.