This API integration allows you to seamlessly transfer data from Hawkin Dynamics' force plates into AthleteMonitoring's assessment system.


Team setup:

Open "Team Settings" for the desired team.

To activate the Hawkin Dynamics integration, go to "General"->"Modules" section, select activate "Hawkin Dynamics Integration", enter  "athletemonitoring"  in the "Hawkin Dynamics Organization name", enter the value provided by Hawkin Dynamics in the "Hawkin Dynamics Refresh token" box, select the team you wish to link to your current AthleteMonitoring team and Save.

This will create the Hawkin Dynamics tests, batteries, component, and metrics. This process usually takes 2-3 minutes.

Then open Settings-Assessment settings-Test library and edit the Hawkin Dynamics test batteries. Select the test/measure that will be the criterium of 'best performance' by clicking on the start icon. Deselect the measures you don't need on the reports etc., but DO NOT rename the tests or the test batteries.

Athlete setup:

Open each athlete profile and paste the "Hawkin Dynamics athlete id" value provided by Hawkin Dynamics, in the appropriate field (eg: zDvfIzYbwwanxpjI2GdEcD).

Importing Hawkin Dynamics data:

  • Open the Assessment menu, select a Hawkin Dynamics test battery, a team and click the Import (blue) icon
  • Select the date range containing the data you want to import  and click Import Results
  • Results will be automatically transferred

Producing reports

To generate reports from Hawkin Dynamics data, select the reporting icon located in the top right corner of the Assessment page.

Then select your team, athletes, an Hawkin Dynamics battery, date range, a report and click View Report.