AthleteMonitoring offers location scheduling to improve resource management and help organizations meet complex scheduling needs.

Adding Locations

To add specific locations such as 'weight room', 'Studio A', etc., open the Settings top menu, open the Locations tab and select Add new. Then enter the name of the location, select a color that will represent this location in the calendar and click Submit

Configuring locations 

To configure location's availability, select the start and end time for each days, as well as preferred double-booking management options. To add a day, click +. To remove a day, click x.

Disabling locations for specific teams

To make locations available only for specific teams, open Team Settings-Locations, select/deselect the appropriate options and save.

Attaching locations to planned sessions

After you have defined locations, you can attach them to sessions. To attach a location to a planned session, simply select the Location option located under the Activity dropdown. Then fill out the rest of the form and Save.

Displaying schedules for specific locations

Once locations are defined and activated for a specific team, it is possible to display calendar for specific locations only.