To transfer Presagia's clinical notes into AthleteMonitoring, proceed as follows:

  1. Open Presagia and export the clinical notes to a CSV file
  2. Open AthleteMonitoring, select the Health menu, click the Note icon and press the import button
  3. Select Presagia's exported file and click Import

Important: Before importing Presagia notes, make sure that student first and last names set in both Presagia and AthleteMonitoring are perfectly matching. For example, if the Presagia export is using ‘Lilly’ but in AM, in Presagia this student’s first name is set as ‘Lilian’, the import will not work.


To fix this, open AthleteMonitoring edit the student’s profile and change the first name so it matches the one used in Presagia. You can also open Presagia, make the name changes, re-export the notes and import them into AthleteMonitoring


Note: if the import note button is not visible on AthleteMonitoring , please contact us.