AthleteMonitoring allows you to send and receive alerts and reminders by push notifications. This guide will help you to setup push notifications.

Step 1: Make sure your browser supports push notifications


Supported web browser: Edge, Firefox, Chrome, Opera, Opera Mobile, Chrome for Android, Firefox for Android, UC Browser for Android, Samsung Internet, QQ Browser, KaiOS Browser for an update to date list.

Supported iOS: macOS, Linux, Windows, Android

Step 2: Activate push notifications on your device

  1. Login to your AthleteMonitoring account
  2. Click anywhere on the main page. A notifications permission popup will be displayed. Click 'Allow”'
  3. Open your AthleteMonitoring profile 
  4. Select the 'Push notifications' options on in the 'Receive alerts & notifications' section
  5. Click Save. You will now receive push notifications.


Step 3. Configure push notifications reminders

  1. Open Team Settings-Reminders
  2. Select 'Push notifications' for each reminder. Deselect email/sms options.
  3. Click Save



If you are not receiving push notifications on your device here are a few things that you could check.

  1. Make sure “Push notifications” enabled in your profile settings
  2. Have you granted push notifications permissions to AthleteMonitoring in your browser settings?
  3. If you are not receiving a specific push notification, is it enabled in the team settings for at least one of the teams you are on?
  4. Finally, check your system’s settings to ensure that the browser you are using is allowed to show notifications.