This feature allow female athletes to record menstrual cycle symptoms (flow and pain) when completing their wellness questionnaire. Menstrual cycle-related alerts can be displayed on the dashboard (see Readiness Dashboard) to help you managing the impact of menstrual cycle on women athlete’s risk of injury and performance. 


Enabling the menstrual cycle tracker

To enable this feature, make sure to enable the wellness monitoring for athletes, and activate the Menstrual Cycle Tracking section.

Once enabled in team settings, the questions below will be automatically added to the wellness questionnaire of female athletes. Athletes can complete the questionnaire by pressing the options that are matching their current symptoms.

Customizing Menstrual Cycle Tracking questions / answers

To modify the menstrual tracking items, go to Team settings-Menstrual Cycle Tracking, edit the text and click Save

Disabling menstrual cycle tracker for specific athletes

When the menstrual cycle tracker is activated, these questions are automatically displayed to all female athletes. If an athlete do not want/need to answer menstrual cycle questions, she can turn this feature off by opening her profile, and deselect the Activate button next to the Menstrual Cycle Tracker option.