Team setup

Open "Team Settings" for the desired team.

1) Under "General"->"Modules" activate "PlayerTek Integration" and save.

2) A series of PlayerTek data fields below will be automatically created "Training Forms" - "Custom Fields". 

Delete the fields you don't need, modify units, calculation and ACWR formulas, but DO NOT change the name of the variable.

Important: To add additional PlayerTek data fields, simply press the green cross located at the bottom of the list and enter the new field name preceded by the keyword 'PlayerTek'. For example, if you wish to add 'Distance in Speed Zone 5  (km)' to the field imported, create a custom field named 'Distance in Speed Zone 5' and select 'km' in the list of available units.

Also, make sure to keep the ‘Imported’ option selected so the fields are kept hidden on the athlete’s app.

Importing PlayerTek data

  • From the PlayerTek software and export your session data to a CSV file, making sure the exported Player Name column contains LAST, FIRST names in this specific order (eg: 'DOE, JOHN'), else the import will not work
  • On AthleteMonitoring, open the calendar, add the session for which you want to import data
  • Click on the planned session from the calendar and select the Import icon
  • Select "Import PlayerTek Data". Select the desired CSV file. Then click "Import"

Viewing imported data

To view PlayerTek data, click the graph icon. PlayerTek data is also accessible in all training graphs, logs and exports.

Adding PlayerTek metrics to the team dashboard

To add PlayerTek metrics on the team dashboard, open Team Settings->Readiness Dashboard->Training, set the metric to Show and click Save. Team dashboard will automatically display the variable with the corresponding alerts.