This API integration allows you to seamlessly transfer data from Vald's Performance Nordbord and Forcedecks into AthleteMonitoring assessment system.


Team setup:

Open "Team Settings" for the desired team.

To activate the Nordbord integration, go to "General"->"Modules" section, select activate "Vald Integration", set "client id", "secret" to the value provided by Vald Performance, and click Save.

To activate the ForceDecks integration, go to "General"->"Modules" section, select activate "Vald ForceDecks Integration", set "client id", "secret" to the value provided by Vald Performance, and click Save.

Then select the Vald Team you wish to link to your current AthleteMonitoring team and Save again. This will automatically create the Vald Nordbord and/or ForceDecks batteries, component, and tests.

Test Battery setup

By default, all measures available from the Vald device will be created as test and added to the Nordbord and/or ForceDecks. As the list is extremely long, you can deactivate all the measures/tests you don't need 

by opening Settings-Assessment settings-Test library and deselect the tests you don't need, modify the units, etc., but DO NOT rename the tests (they all must start with 'Vald', like 'Vald Left Pull repetitions'.

Athlete setup:

Open each athlete profile and paste the "Vald athlete id" and/or "Vald ForceDecks athlete id" value provided by Vald Performance, in the appropriate field (eg: yPEszY5J-4bc5-4c5f-a4f4-QzxesG9).

Importing Vald data:

  • Open the Assessment menu, select a Vald test battery, a date/time, a team/athletes, athletes and click Enter Data

  • Then click the Import (blue) button for the first athlete (when Vald data is not available, a grey button will be displayed)
  • Select the Vald data you want to import  and click Close
  • Repeat the operation for other athletes
  • Review the data, make changes if needed
  • Click Save

Generating reports

To generate reports from Vald data, select the reporting icon located in the top right corner of the Assessment page.

Adding Vald tests to the Team Dashboard

To add Vald measurements to the Team dashboard, go to Team settings, Readiness dashboard, and select the Vald tests in the Assessment section.

Adding more tests to Nordbord and/or ForceDecks batteries 

To add more tests to the Nordbord and/or ForceDecks batteries, go to Settings-Assessment settings-Test library and click Add new. Then enter the name of the new test, as it appear on the Vald software platform, and add the 'Vald' prefix. Test name will look like 'Vald Left Pull repetitions'. Then open the Vald test battery and add the newly created test.