AthleteMonitoring allows athletes to transfer session data via Polar Flow from their compatible Polar device. Once imported, Polar data is automatically viewable in team and individual dashboards, graphs, reports. Totals, ACWR and other key metrics are automatically calculated for the imported data.

Activating the integration

  • Open "Team Settings" for the desired team
  • Under "General"->"Modules" activate "Polar Flow Import" and save

  • Polar data fields will be automatically created as custom fields under "Training Forms". They'll be used to host the Polar flow data.
  • To activate a data field, select the Show button
  • Select the analytics and ACWR formulas you wish to use to analyze the Polar data and produce alertsĀ 

  • If there are Polar data fields you don't need, simply delete them
  • DO NOT rename the Polar data fields
  • Do not activate the Imported button

Once Polar data has been transferred by athletes, this information becomes automatically available in team and individual reports, graphs, statistics, etc.

To access session details, open the Calendar, click on a session containing Polar data and press the Polar logo.

Polar Flow Integration for Athlete