When you record a new health problem, you can also record the dates of planned/expected return to partial training, full training and competition.

To modify the dates, Edit the incident, and select the new dates in the appropriate sections. The dates are automatically displayed on the incident's summary page and, when the Health Problem Resolved date has passed, the incident is automatically closed.

The Team dashboard reflects the participation status

Red=No participation

Yellow=Reduced participation

Green=Full participation

Participation levels are automatically updated based on the selected dates


The athlete's participation status will be automatically updated when you change these dates: Date of health problem (No participation), Return to partial training (reduced participation),  Return to full training (reduced participation), Return to competition (full participation) and Problem resolved (full participation).


The default participation level for a new injury is "No participation" until you set a "Return to partial training" date, and this date has passed. For example, if an athlete just had a minor ankle sprain, and you wish to record this new injury while setting the participation status to reduced participation, select the same date for Date of injury and Return to partial training.


When recording a new health program athletes or staff may still select a "Training / competition status". Doing so will set the "Return to partial training" and / or "Return to competition" dates to the start of the health problem depending on which status is selected.


You can change the dates at anytime and it will automatically update the participation status. A problem is closed only when a date is set for Health Problem Resolved.