Using the alerts

When a new health problem is reported, an alert is sent by email or SMS to each health practitioners linked to the team’s account. A red alert is also displayed on the team’s page

From the General Dashboard

Once a health problem has been diagnosed, the Health column of the team dashboard will reflect the athlete participation status. Red= No participation; Yellow=reduced participation; Green=Full participation

From the Health Dashboard

Every newly reported or current issue is displayed for each athlete. The Undiagnosed label indicates that diagnosis must be recorded for the health problem.

A green square indicates that athlete is able to train and compete fully, without health problems. A grey square indicates when the athlete didn’t complete the weekly survey. Squares of other colors indicate the presence of a health issue and its represents severity according to the answers to the first 4 questions of the OSTRC questionnaire (the darker the color, the more serious the problem). 

To open a displayed health problems, click on its name.