The OSTRC questionnaire module can be easily customized for each team. To personalize your OSTRC questionnaire open Team settings - Injury Surveillance (OSTRC).

  • To specify which day of the week athletes must complete the OSTRC questionnaire, select the appropriate day in the Day of Week section.
  • To ask the athlete if he/she started using new medication every week, set the Medication use option to Yes
  • To ask the athlete if he/she contacted the medical team, set the Contact with Medical Team option to Yes
  • To add custom questions to the weekly survey, set the Custom Questions Page option to Yes

Customizing introduction

To change the survey’s introduction text (athlete will see this), make the required changes in the Introduction and Reminders sections and save.

Customizing  Reminders

Verify the health survey’s reminder (athletes will see this) and make the required changes and save.

Customizing the OSTRC questionnaire default questions/answers

To adapt the OSTRC questionnaire to your specific context, modify the text displayed in the Questions section and save.

Adding your custom questions

To add custom questions to the questionnaire, set the Custom Questions Page to Show. Then add questions, answers, sub-questions, etc. These questions will be asked at the end of the OSTRC questionnaire.

If you want a question to be displayed only  when the athlete reports a health problem, tap the 'medical' icon. If you don't, the question and related answers will always be asked to the athlete.