This feature helps you to view individual test/assessment results directly on the team dashboard, identify significant score changes with the method of smallest worthwhile changes and generate progress charts instantly.

Before they can be added to the dashboard, tests must be properly set up in Global Settings-Assessment Settings.

Adding tests to the dashboard

Team settings->Readiness Dashboard->Assessment. You can add up to 5 tests.

Recording results

Assessments menu->enter data or import it from an Excel spreadsheet template.

Viewing assessment data

Open the team dashboard. Results for the last two assessments found are automatically displayed. Colors are assigned based on the type of test and the Smallest worthwhile change option selected in Test settings.

Displaying progress chart

Click/tap on the test score to display the progress chart.  Individual results, average (red dotted line) and a yellow zone representing the range of non-meaningful changes are automatically displayed.

To learn more about the SWC calculations, click here.