This option is only available to system administrators. To access these features, select the Import section of the Settings menu.

Make sure to export all your data (use the Log & stats menu option to export all data for the athletes of your choice) BEFORE performing any of the operations below.


  1. To delete All Subgroups, click  the Delete button located in the Import Subgroups section
  2. To deactivate  All Athletes click the Deactivate button located in the Import Athletes section. 
  3. To delete Athlete accounts (including their data and personal information), export the list of athletes by clicking the Export button, replace the last name of those who should be removed from the database by the keyword “DELETE” and upload the updated list


Deactivation will keep staff and athletes' accounts but exclude their names from lists and reports.

When an athlete account is deleted, all related data and personal information are erased from the database. This operation can't be undone.