With AthleteMonitoring, you can easily import data from VX SPORT devices and integrate GPS data into AthleteMonitoring in just a few seconds. Here is how to do it.

Step 1 - Add VX SPORT variables as custom fields in Team settings

a) Export GPS data file in CSV format using your VX SPORT software

b) Open the VX SPORT file

c) Open each athlete's profile,  paste the VX-lAthleteID value found on the CSV file into the VX Sport Id field and save. 

d) On AthleteMonitoring, create a custom field for each metric (VX-Distance, VX-HRAvg, etc) that you want to import Team Settings->Training Forms->Custom fields. Make sure that names of the fields are exactly matching those displayed in the CSV  file (they must start with a 'VX-' prefix).


  • Make sure to select the ‘Imported’ field option so the fields are kept hidden on the athlete’s app
  • Make sure to set custom field names as they appear in your Excel file (eg: "Average HR" will not work, "AverageHR" will)

Step 2 - Importing VX data

  1. With the VX software, export a CSV file containing the session's GPS data by selecting the Export to AM option
  2. If it's not done already, add the session for which you want to import data AthleteMonitoring's planning calendar
  3. Once the session is displayed on the calendar, click on the session for which you want to import data and on the import button
  4. Select the VX SPORT csv file containing the GPS data 
  5. Click Import
  6. A confirmation message will be displayed

Accessing imported data

Once imported, heart rate data will be accessible in all training graphs, logs and exports.

Adding GPS data to the team dashboard

To add any GPS variable on the team dashboard, open Team Settings->Readiness Dashboard->Training, select Show and click Save. Team dashboard will automatically display the variable with the corresponding alerts.