Option 1 - From the Health page

To add a new note, select the pencil icon and click Add New.

Option 2 - From within a specific health problem

Open the athlete's medical history, tap the appropriate incident and open the Clinical notes tab

To add a new note, tap the green cross located in the bottom left corner. To edit an existing note, tap the pencil icon, and enter the note in SOAP format, select pain levels, sensations, tasks, etc. You can edit the list of body areas or task options, by opening the Team settings->Injuries section.

Managing note sharing permissions - Who can see notes

By default, only you can see the note you are recording. To allow more staff users to view the note, click the 'Who can see note' button/link, click on the name of each person you want to share the note with, and save.

If the note is a private one, only 'Me' is selected and 'Who can see note (1)' visible, it'll be visible to you only

If you select the 'Athlete' button (deselected by default) athlete will be able to see the note.

If you select more staff users, the system will remember your choice so you don't have to select the same names over and over again.

Saving notes

To save a note but allow it to be modified later, click Save. To save the note and lock it for further edition click Save and lock.

If note locking is deactivated by the account owner, the Save and lock button will not be visible.