Athlete can enter post-training data using their own Smartphone / tablet

AthleteMonitoring allow athletes to enter post-workout information and feedback from their smartphone using the mobile or web apps.

Athlete can enter post-training data on the Coach's Tablet

Athletes can easily enter their post-training data on a tablet when they arrive on the training site. To make this happen, coach should open the calendar and click on the session for which data has to be entered. Then athletes, one after another, can click on the yellow button and fill out the form.

Coach can record attendance and post-session data on a tablet

  1. Open the calendar 
  2. Click/press on the session for which data has to be entered. 
  3. Click/press the first yellow button
  4. Fill out the form (select the attendance options, enter/adjust the displayed information, add notes)
  5. Press Save

Coach can import data from wearable devices

This process is described here

Coach can collect data offline and import from any device data using an Excel spreadsheet

Step 1

Create custom fields for each data field you want to import (Team Settings-Training Forms section). Make sure to select the appropriate data format for your custom field.

Step 2

a) Create a data collection spreadsheet by clicking the Blue Export button that corresponds to the session for which you want to import the data;

b) Export the GPS / HR data from your GPS / HR software;

c) Paste the exported data onto the spreadsheet; To avoid Excel formatting errors, paste your data using the following method: select the Paste Special option (or use the CTRL+ALT+V shortcut), right click in the Excel cell, choose Paste Special and choose Text.

d) click the Yellow Import button to import the data. All data will then be imported and all alerts and dashboards calculated.