Configuring assessment components


Configuring the test library


Adding and editing tests


Operators you may use in formulas
+ (addition)
- (subtraction)
* (multiplication)
^ (power)
() parentheses

Variables you may use in formulas

= athlete age calculated using the birth date, according to the information stored in the athlete profile
gender = athlete gender (M or F)Any test’s symbol (bweight = body weight, for


Symbols should only contain lowercase letters (eg: a symbol such as "20mSprint" will not work but "twmsprint" will).

Specifying smallest worthwhile changes

New researchrecommends using a fraction or multiple of the individual results' standard deviation (SDx0.1 to SDx2) as the smallest meaningful /worthwhile change (SWC).

You can specify the formula that will be used to calculate the test's SWC when creating or editing a test.  This calculation is used to assign white, red and green color on individual assessment graphs, individual profiles and when test results are displayed on the team dashboard.

Adjusting graph scales

You can easily adjust the graph scales to match minimum and maximum scores that can be recorded for each test. This will make graphs easier to read and interpret.

Configuring the test batteries


Editing a test batterie

Tests results can be shared with all staff users, or restricted only to users with access to medical information. Click here for more information


Configuring assessment standards

If you link the battery to standards, make sure to add the standards or the reports may not work properly. If you select ‘Improvement Rates’ to interpret results, skip this section.

The number of categories (3-10) depends on the types of standards selected in the test library.

Editing the assessment calendar

Once you have recorded data, DO NOT change the assessment dates associated with this data. Changing or deleting assessment may result in data loss.


Adding assessment time of the day

This feature will allow you to record results for the same tests several times per day. This option do not work with batteries set to use prset assessment calendar.