The exercise library contains all the exercises you can use to create workouts.

To add a new exercise to the library, click the little green cross located under the list of exercises. To edit an existing exercise, click the little blue wheel located at the right of the screen.

Enter the exercise name

Select the exercise type

AthleteMonitoring allow you to track 4 types of exercises. Make sure to select the right type when creating the exercise.

Sets x Reps 

Select this option to track sets, reps, rest, etc. for  strength exercises and interval training sessions


Select this option to track number of elements, difficulty ratings, etc. 


Select this option to track the number of reps, rest and completion of a predefined circuit session.


Use this option for any other type of sessions such as continuous endurance/cardio sessions, stretching, etc.

Select the exercise's summary layout

Select the exercise's volume and intensity units

Automate One-Rep Max prediction

If you'd like AthleteMonitoring to automatically predict 1-rep max (using the Brzycki equation) during strength training sessions, select the 1RM Prediction button.  To ensure optimum accuracy, 1RM are only calculated when athletes are reporting 5 reps or less.

Select the search tags

Add exercise information, upload picture, link a video and save