Opening the planning calendar

This page will allow you to create and share programs with your athletes. Sessions can be planned for multiple teams at once. For more details about the import / export capabilities, please visit this FAQ

The planning calendar allows you to manage training and competition programs very efficiently. Once a session is added to the calendar, selected athletes will see the session on their individual program. They then will only have to pres the yellow button to record their session.

Editing planned sessions

To better adapt your program on a daily basis, you can edit planned sessions for entire team or individual athletes.

Planning sessions

You can add individual and team sessions in just a few seconds. Once added to the calendar, sessions are automatically available to athletes

Planning sessions with exercise details

If exercise tracking is enabled on your account, you can configure specific exercise details when planning sessions. Once you add a session using the steps described above, simply select the workout template you want to use, add/remove exercises, sets, etc to fit your needs and save the session. Athletes will be able to see the workout you planned for them bit to record their own information as well.

Recording workouts - The athletes' view

Modifying the calendar colors

Colors are specific to each category of activities. To use your preferred colors, open team settings, activities and select your color. When the calendar shows programs for several teams, each team is represented by a different color.